Thursday, April 4, 2013

What a year!!

Wow its been a whole year since I wrote on my couponing adventures. Well a lot has happened in a year, here is how my year has been. I gave birth to my first son Jaidyn Kennedy Jordan on November 13th at 2:50 am. We so are happy and blessed to have him and I am going to have to really step my couponing game up to a whole new level now that we have our lil man.

I have done some couponing over the last few months, but have kinda slacked a little since I am trying to find my groove with my lil man. But I am still around and will be jumping back on the bandwagon with my couponing.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am still around...

I know its been a while since I have written, we had family visit a couple of weeks ago and I have been a little under the weather, but rest assured I have still been on my game with coupons.

My sister came to visit and she is avid couponer herself, but nothing could prepare her for her visit to Publix...lets just say she and I squeezed and pull and sat on stuff to get all her goodies in their truck, plus all their luggage and 5 people, 2 dogs with their kennels...I found out later as she was packing up that the kennels were really going to be loot storage.

Her inventory:
8 bags of Texas Toast Croutons at .20 each
10 jars of Ragu Pasta sauce at .50 each
10 boxes of Barilla pasta @.23 each
5 pkg of Fresh Take = Free
6 Philadelphia Cooking Creme = Free
17 boxes of Toaster Strudels = .35 each
6 Bottles Snuggle @$1.99 each
5 Bottles of ALL @$1.99 each
4 Jars of Kraft Miracle Whip
2 Bottles of Ken's Marinade @.47

I feel like I am forgetring some items but these I can remember off the top of my head!!

Plus we went to the International Farmers Market and bought about $50 in seasonings and supplies in bulk!!!  It was great seeing the family and having a great time shopping can't wait until the next visit when we can really get down to business!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taking advantage of BOGO!!

Many stores have BOGO, I try to go to the store at the start of the sale and take advantage of BOGO because you can use two coupons.

For example this past week Publix had Welch's Essential Juice Cocktail Blend on sale for $3.45 BOGO. The store charges you for both items at $1.73 and $1.72 I used two $1.00 coupons making the final price $1.45 for two. Now here is a small little hint go back to the store the day before the last day of the sale or the last day 75% of the time the store has ran out and hasn't restocked yet. Go to the customer service desk and ask for a raincheck for the max quality which is 10 for most stores but they usually write it for 5 since it's a BOGO. I order coupons off line and I ordered 10 more of the $1.00 coupons for $1.00 and next week I will go and redeem my raincheck with my coupons. Doing things this way helps other consumers to be able to participate in the sale and your not clearing off shelves and catching nasty looks.

Being a polite couponer is always best because if you are a frequent shopper of a certain store you don't want to set off red flags to the managers who can possibly refuse to take your coupons or set a limit on your items or the number coupons you can use.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Publix Adventure

Well on Friday I went to of my favorite little spots to cash in a huge arrangement of coupons. The poor cashier didn't know what to expect when saw me take out my perfectly arranged coupons and how I wanted them scanned.

Like most couponers I treat my coupons like hard earned cash and I know exactly how many I am using their dollar amount and what the subtotal should be just in case one coupon doesn't scan correctly. I love going to Publix because they have some of the best BOGO around and their coupon policy once again is awesome. The cashiers are alway polite and eager to watch your totals go down which you.

My cashier on Friday happened to be the customer service manager and she remarked to me how she sooo wished she had the patience to coupon when I handed her my stack. I smiled and said "It is time consuming, but it pays off in the long run." I further told her to start small then move her way up and do it at her own pace. Because I am a polite couponer I try to warn the people who get behind me that it may be a little while because I am using coupons. The two ladies who were behind me seemed to be intrigue because a lot of the items I was buying they were also buying. One of ladies asked me where in the world did I get Kellogg coupons from, I happily told her one of the many sites I frequent and handed them each my Coupon Clipping Sista card that list some of my favorite sites on the back and my email if they have any questions. I know what your thinking seriously you have cards? I had to get cards because people are constantly stopping me in the store asking me questions about sites and how to get started, its just easier to hand them a card.

Okay back to the check out, I am looking over my inventory because I know my subtotal shouldn't be anymore than $55 I have about $200-$210 worth of items this transaction better come out correct or there is going to be an issue. You know that feeling you get when you are on a roller coaster climbing the incline to the top of the first drop? Thats the feeling I was having as every items was being scanned and watching the total rise. Finally she gets to the last items and hits total and I see the total over $200, she asks me that lovely question "Do you have any coupons?" Thinking to myself I say lady you have no idea how many coupons I have.

I pull out my 5 stacks of coupons all in the correct order:

1. Store Coupons w/ Stackable Manufactures Coupons
2. Competitors coupons
3. Eligible Doubling Coupons
4. Printed coupons
5. Manufactures Coupons (non doubling)

Yes there is an art to how I shop. I like to hand the cashiers one stack at a time so I can watch the subtotal go down and that they all are scanning correctly. You see before I go to the store I know exactly what the subtotal should be after each stack is scanned so if there is an error I can it catch before all coupons get scanned and holding up the line longer. Every couponer has their own method you just have to decided what works best for you, but I can't stress it enough you have to know your subtotals in order for this to work.

So after about 20 mins of scanning and bagging I walked out with $207.05 worth of groceries for $57.07 and the cashier gave me a high five and asked me for my card :-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

How I build my stockpile

Someone asked me today how I build my stockpile, well this month I am going to be building my stockpile from this weeks Publix sale. I share with my mom and sister so its not like an overkill.

Here is the deal:

Birdseye Veggies and Steamers are on sale for 50% off at Publix, this is a rolling sale and it happens the first of the month.

Sale Price: $1.26  Coupon Value: $.50 x 20 plus it doubles to a dollar  Final Price: $.26 a bag x 20 = $5.20 OOP

Kraft Cooking Creme:
Sale Price: 2/$4.00  Coupon Value: $.55 x 10~ $5.50 Store Coupon: 2/2.00 x 5 ~ $10.00
Final Price: $4.50 (these are freezeable)

Kraft Fresh Take:
Sale Price: 2/$4.00 Coupon Value:$1.00 x 10 ~ $10.00 Store Coupon 2/$2.00 x 5 ~$10.00
Final Price: Free

Philadephia Indulgence

Sale Price: 2/$4.00 Coupon Value:$1.00 x 10 ~ $10.00 Store Coupon 2/$2.00 x 5 ~$10.00
 Final Price: Free

Kraft Milk Bites:
Sales Price: 2/$5.00 Coupon Value $1.00 x 6 ~$6.00 Store Coupon  2/$2.00 x3 ~ $6.00
Final Price $3.00

Smart Balance Milk:
Sale Price: 2/$5.00 (unadvertised sale) Coupon Value $1.50 x 3 Final Price: $3.00

Coffemate Natural Bliss:
Sale Price :$1.66 Coupon Value $1.00 x 6 ~$6.00 Final Price: $3.96

Total OOP about $20 what I could have spend w/o coupons about $97

*Toaster Struedules: This item going on sale was by pure luck because I a got manager to sign off for letting me use the store coupons that expired on 2/26/2012 anytime because they hadn't restocked the shelves. These are for my sister to take home with her.
BOGO Price $1.17  (reg $2.35)  Coupon Values $.50/2 x 3 DBL to $1.00 ~ 3.00 
                                                                              $ .35/1 x2 DBL to $.70 ~ $.70 
                                                     Store Coupon  $1.00 x 8 ~ 8.00
                                                     Final Price: $-1.65  and scoring 2 gallons of free milk for my sister  
                                                     and taking overage and getting her free Four BOGO Ketchup

Tip: Pay close attention to a months worth of sales and you will learn when your favorite items go on sale.  

Kroger Weekly Ad Matchups – Southeast (SE) 3/4-3/10

Kroger Weekly Ad Matchups – Southeast (SE) 3/4-3/10

Major Mistake

I usually get my Sundays paper on Saturday afternoons from my local Walmart, Publix or  Kroger (Still not feeling them)  but this week things went a little different.

I had to run an early morning errand so I was out a little earlier then usual, so I was thinking its 12:30 surely the Saturday editions of Sundays papers had been dropped off by now.....NOPE!!! After going to two stores I thought well I will just get one tomorrow (MAJOR NO NO!!!). So I finally get up early and run out to the local Kroger (grrr they are still on my list) and pick up my papers.

I go home start doing some things around the house and then decided to sit down and flip through the paper. This whole decision was a huge mistake let me tell you why:

1. I already knew there were hot coupons coming out so I needed to make sure I got my list ready to order extras, but because I know coupons are regional and vary their values and I can't order anyway until the sites put them up and I can see what is good and compare, I needed to have my paper Saturday!!

2. No paper on Saturday meant praying that my fellow couponaholic were just as behind as I was and hadn't already snagged all the coupons off the ordering sites early Sunday morning....I should be so lucky......Yes, we are all up at 12 am ready to go head to head with each other....If you are lucky enough to jump on The Coupon Clippers at some point on Saturday she has some of the new ones up already...Bless you Rachael Woodard!!!

3. Risking coupon insert thieves could have already ready struck and taken coupons out of the paper and I would have to dig and make sure my papers had coupons.

4. Finally getting my papers and still taking more time and not jumping on top of my ordering because I was already behind hours.

5. Fearfully loading up all  3 websites I order from and start putting coupons in my basket and feeling so proud that I made it in the nick of time..YES!!!.. only when I hit the submit a HUGE YELLOW box pops saying to bad so sad the other addicts have beaten you to the punch good luck finding the ones you want...oh by the way you can babysit your email for the next several hours and we might send you a notice saying that we uploaded new ones....and you should check your Spam because our emails always end up there...UGH!!!

6. The defeat the utter horror I felt at 3:20pm luckily by 1 am I am happy to announce I won the the battle I got all my coupons and from one site... Thank you Coupon Dede for you hard work and keeping me in mind when you sent out your alert email that you uploaded some new ones.